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There are many choices on where to buy quality meats today. If the only thing you care about when purchasing meats is a low price and you always cook it well done, then you should buy it at the local Grocery store. Unfortunately, this is the worst place to buy meat ( This is just an opinion of a real meat lover LOL). Back to quality choices, Costco is a much better avenue to purchasing your next rack of ribs, but only if you have a big family because they only sell three racks at a time. You need to have a huge family or a big freezer to buy quality meat theirs. An educated buyer will realize that their prices are not always the lowest. And at the grocery store or Costco try to find someone that will give you the individual attention you deserve.

By far this is why a local butcher shop is by far the BEST PLACE TO BUY quality meat hands down. I live in Suffolk County Long Island NY. Where you will find many good butchers to buy meat, but I feel Farmingdale Meat Market gives you the best value.

Farmingdale Meat Market

charcoal grills smokers                                                                                                                 Kent Seelig on the left and his dad Julius Seelig on the right.

They started as a small neighborhood family-owned butcher shop by Julius Seelig. He had just left Swift & Co., who had supplied meat to all the allied forces during WWII. Now it is a Third Generation local butcher shop that has diversified into Main Street Wholesale Meats and still holds on to its root community butcher shop.

Why You Can Benefit From There Success



local butcher shops

                                                                                                               Lee Seelig inspecting meat in one of their aging coolers.

Main Street Wholesale is one of the largest family-owned federal inspected meat facilities serving Long Island and the Tri-State area. They have a USDA inspector on site every day. Why is this important to you when purchasing quality meat for your family? First of all, the feeling you get when you enter their shop is of an old fashion butcher shop. The core value of “Customer always comes first and selling quality meats” is what Julius has instilled in his son Kent and now is being carried out by his grandson Lee Seelig. It is a very serene experience when picking out the meat you are serving your family when there is a family like the Seeligs serving you.

Because they are supplying some of the exclusive restaurants and steakhouses in the area with there prime meats (Prime in Huntington, Tellers in Islip as well as Mill Pond in Centerport and Gurney’s in Montauk), they can pass on real value to their retail customers. It is not only the reasonable prices but when they get to know you, they will remember the things you like and will say to you ‘ Hi Mrs. Capo we have our special blend of chop meat you like on sale.’ That old fashion personal recognition is lost today with everyone is such a hurry, it is a breath of fresh air that Lee and his family keep this going today at Farmingdale Meat Market. They are keeping up with the time, you can get on their email list, and they will notify you of their current sales.

I know people as far as New Suffolk that will go there to purchase their meats. They are well worth making a trip to their shop located at 210 Main Street Farmingdale, NY 11735 ( plenty of parking in the rear of the building). Lee is there on most days; if you run into him, he still loves helping his customers the way his dad Kent and grandfather Julius did. His staff are fantastic and so knowledgeable and genuinely enjoy helping you with choosing the cut of quality meat you are looking for and if you ask to have it trimmed their happy to do it.

At Farmingdale Meat Market they have every cut of meat you could ever imagine. If you do not see it in the case, ask, and there is a high chance they will have it in the back and on the rare chance they do not have it they will gladly order it for you. They never fail to amaze me, I was there the other day to pick up roast beef, and as I was waiting, there was a sign that said ‘ Saratoga London Broil on sale $12.99’. Wow, This Sirloin London Broil is a cut that has to be experienced. The taste and tenderness of sirloin in the cut of a London Broil. Our family went crazy about it. As it cooked on the grill, it seemed to get bigger, because it just filled with the juices of the meat.

nearby butcher shopsbbq smokers and grills,local butcher shops




The Saratoga London Broil before being grilled and on the Smoker grill. See it is filling with all the juices.

It was one of the best steaks ever ‘ Thanks Farmingdale Meat Market.’

From The Heart

I asked Lee Seelig what his local butcher shop meant to him.

“As the third generation proprietor of Farmingdale Meat Market, I am so thankful for the Farmingdale and greater Long Island community who has supported us for 70+ years. Without our customers, we are nothing. It’s so amazing for me to meet some of the old-timers who knew my grandfather Julius and also to meet their children and even their children’s children. It’s gratifying on a personal level, and we hope that our butchers on the counter convey a nice warm sense of hospitality to everyone who enters our store. We feel we can set ourselves apart by the personal one-on-one service we can offer and the knowledge of the meat that our butchers have. Not to mention the very high-quality product that we sell. We try to keep our retail prices very reasonable because the bulk of our business is now wholesale. So, that enables us to buy better than quality average retail store and also have a wider selection of meats than a “regular” butcher shop. We always say that even if you don’t see something in the case, we probably have it “in the back.’ Not many retail meat markets sell the number of items that we sell along with a selection of dry-aged product and a full line of beef, pork, veal, lamb, poultry, provisions, and game. And, if there is an item we don’t carry, we can almost always special order it for our customers. We have been here since 1946 and have no plans of going anywhere any time soon. We are a true family business and intend to stay that way.’


We hope you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment about this post and bring a copy of the post and quality comment and Lee has agreed to give you a 10% discount on first order. I thank you for taking the time to read this post, and as always if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment area below. ( sorry there is a bit of a gap to the comment area please scroll down)





Best BBQ Smoker Grills – Review Lowest Prices

It is April the time to start to think about cooking outside on barbecue. Well, you have been pondering this year you would like to Smoke some brisket or ribs like at that restaurant your family enjoyed this winter. So it time to replace that old barbecue with a Smoker. But, which type should I buy; you have heard there are Pellet smokers, Charcoal smoker, Gas smokers and even Electric Smoker. Which brand should I buy?
Well we are going to go over each of these types and brands, to hope to help you make your choice


Pellet Smoker Grills

:Pellet smoker grills
Pellet Smoker Grills

:Pellet smoker Grills
Pellet smoker grills have been around for a long time. They use real wood pellets that come in a variety of different wood types, which deliver unique flavors to the meats and vegetables you’re smoking. Most pellet smokers grills feed and ignite their pellets in the same way as shown below


Pellet smokers are great because they allow you to set your desired temperature and walk away. You only have to check the Hooper once in a while on long smokes.  Most of the time a full Hooper will last for 4- 12 hours. Especially when doing smoke at 180 F to 220 F.

Pellet smoker cook and smoke with a convection process – an induction fan circulates rich, hardwood smoke throughout the cooking chamber for even heat and legendary flavor distribution. I have found because of the Convection Process food cooks a bit faster.

Pellet smoker are relatively easy to clean!

If you’re saying to your self okay what is the cons to a pellet smoker? You do need electric to work the auger pellet delivery system and to ignite the pellets. Not all pellet smokers have a searing spot on the grill. I use my iron pan, by heating it up at 450F on my pellet grill. Then sear the steak and lower heat to 350F to finish cooking it. Many steak houses follow this practice.

Let me say here with any smoker you purchase, first season it. I will turn it on high and let it run for 15 to 20 minutes; this will burn off any oils or anything else left on the surface of the inner chamber of your smoker. Then I let it cool, and I apply a thin layer of vegetable oil. Then light it, close top and turn it up to 425F, for another 15 to 20 minutes.  Now your smoker is seasoned and ready to have a barbecue. I recommend you check your owners Manuel for the manufactures guide on how to season your smoker.

Below is a chart comparing different Brands and some of their features and prices




Smart Smoke Technology
Digital Elite Controller
Meat Temp. Probe
Pellet Hooper Capacity 20 Lbs. 18 Lbs. 18 Lbs.
Grilling Area Main Grilling - 519 Sq. In. / Warming 187 Sq.In. 646 Sq. Inches Main Grilling - 429Sq. In. / Warming 141 Sq. In.
Patio Cover
Best Price

Charcoal Smoker Grills

Charcoal smoker grills


charcoal smoker grills
Charcoal smoker grills
Charcoal smokers are the most common type of smokers used today. They’re used by many of the Pitmasters today!! Many feel the charcoal and wood gives the best taste in smoking meat. And for grilling, you can obtain very high heat for searing that aged steak you want for family dinner. Many people buy smoker in hope to become a backyard Pitmaster.

Charcoal has a learning curve. You have to learn the art of venting to maintain the heat you desire, and it requires more babysitting for the smoker during the cooking process. And on a big Boston Butt or Brisket that can be 12 hours. The charcoal smoker you pick should be the more expensive one; you want to stay away from the cheap ones. The low end is $99 to $200, which are a waste.

Below is a chart comparing different Brands and some of their features and pricing:




LOEST PRICE $265.65 $299.00 $199.99

Vertical Gas Smoker

Gas Smoker Grills

Gas Smoker GrillsGas Smoker Grills


Vertical gas smoker is another popular option to the charcoal smoker. Because it also allows you to set it to your desired temperature and forget about it. No real babysitting.

They look of a small safe, some with a solid door and others with glass door. Inside the smoker vault are the selves and at the bottom is the gas burner. Above the burner are one or two metal draws. You hook up the propane and then preheat it for about 15 minutes to the desired temperature, which is between 225F and 250F. Now some Gas smokers have a knob with temperature markings; others have “Low-Med.- High with that check the owners manual to see which setting to use”. Then there is a tray for the wood chips or chunks, so put a cup of them in ( some people feel you should soak them in water for 30 minutes, to develop smoke better). The heat will cause them to smolder and create your smoke. In the other tray, you can put in either water, beer, apple juice or anything that will add flavor, but the main reason is to add moisture into the chamber to keep the meat moist, after you see the smoke starting your ready to smoke your meat, then set to the desired temperature for what your cooking.

The pros to an electric smoker are

  • Low cost most are under $250. The better ones that have a better built, heavy-duty smoking chamber
  • Maybe considered portable and have a small footprint. Great for an apartment that allows gas grills.
  • Burns cleaner

The cons to an electric smoker are

  • The lower end smoker is made with thinner metals, causing them to leak smoke
  • In most of them, the shelving is too narrow to fit a full rack of ribs or big brisket.
  • Of curse, if you run out of propane, you can not finish the smoking of your brisket. So you have to have an extra tank of propane.

Below is a chart comparing different Brands and some of their features and pricing:




GAS BURNERS 2 - 8,250 BTU 2 - 12,000 BTU COOK IN ANY WEATHER 2 - 20,000 BTU
LOWEST PRICE $313.09 $264.48 $254.38

Electric Outdoor Smokers


Electric outdoor smokers
electric outdoor smokers
Set it and forget it, is what everyone that owns an electric outdoor smoker loves. You will find this smoker simple to use and do not take up much space, so if you only have a patio or balcony and live in an apartment or condo, the electric smoker you in mind, most are for outdoor use, yet there are a few that rated for inside use. These smokers are lightweight, yet very durable and easy to clean. The inner walls are stainless steel.
Most electric outdoor smokers have ample cooking space anywhere between 527 to 730 sq. Inches. You will find that they have chrome-coated racks and there will be between 4 to 6 of them. Which if you are cooking a large brisket you can remove one of them to make room.

You will find they are very easy to use. Some come with remote controls and a built-in meat thermometer. These allow you to walk away entertain your guest and keep track of the internal temperature of the meat you’re smoking.

To create the smoke, you can put your wood chip in the tray on the bottom of the unit, which heats the chips to the point the smolder and produce the smoke.

Below is a chart comparing different Brands and some of their features and pricing:




MAX TEMP. 290 350 280
LOW PRICE $439.96 $290.96 $489.90

Now You Can Make An Educated Choice For Your Smoker

Smokey Pellets by Chris hopes we presented enough information for you to choose and purchase your smoker today.

If you have any questions, Please leave them in the comment area below, and we will do our best to respond quickly.

Thank You, and we look forward to your comments.






Smoker Grills, Wood Smoker Grills

BBQ Smokers And Grills – Tools And Accessories

Okay, the backyard barbecue season has started. It is the best time, because you get to spend time with family and friends outdoors, and enjoying BBQ food. Also, for me, it marks the begging of Baseball season.

There are many newbies to this season of BBQ smokers and grills and have just purchased their first smoker or grill. To the more seasoned backyard smokers and grillers, are dusting their’s off and cleaning them up. And seeing what BBQ grill accessories they may need to buy or replace. Because barbecue tools-grill accessories help you in the quest for a great barbecue season. Here we will look at a few tools and accessories that we have found helpful and necessary.

How Do You know The Meat Is Perfectly Done

You may have a friend that says ” I have been grilling and smoking steak so long I can tell by the touch if it is rare, medium or well done. ” That is great. but when I spend 18 dollars a pound for a prime rib eye steak, I do not want to trust it is being perfect to my touch. And why do competition pit masters use a meat thermometer, because they do not want to guess either? So Let’s look at meat thermometers. There are two types use, the Instant Read digital and remote ( blue tooth ) monitor. I use both mainly as check for accuracy. Some remote thermometers come with a receiver and others you can link to the cell phone with blue tooth connection. Also, there are remote thermometers that come with two probes so you can get the internal temperature of two types of meat or one meat and the temperature of the smoking chamber.

Charcoal grills smokersWood Pellet grill accessories


barbecue smoker accessories

Now, remember I said you can not count on touch, well sometimes the thermometer should be an excellent guide. Let me explain. Let’s say the smoking a brisket, and the thermometer says you have reached the desired internal temperature of 204 degrees. So It is done ready to take it off the grill. Wrong, nothing is guaranteed to be right all the time. When my remote thermometer tells me it has reached 204, I take my instant thermometer to check the temp and by doing so, I take notice of how the instant prob goes into the meat. If it goes in with some resistance, the meat is not really as tender as I want. So I will let it cook a little longer. So went it penetrates the meat with little or no resistance then I know it is ready. Remember as you allow the meat time to rest, it is still cooking.

Charcoal Oh There “Hot”

There are many Weber barbecue accessories that you will find to be helpful. I have a Weber 22-1/2-inch kettle grill and want to use it as a smoker, then I know it is ready the Weber 7403 Char-Basket Charcoal Banquet Holders are a must. You can put the coals in them and lay the wood chip or chunks on them to create the smoke. Now some say it is best to soak the wood in water for an hour before smoking.

weber bbq accessories

Now when Smoking meat or using a smoker fueled by charcoal you want to avoid burning the hands. That brisket that has just reached it stalling time of 165 degrees you are going to want to wrap it in aluminum foil and let it continue to cook until it reaches 204 degrees. How are you going to do that without burning the hand? Or their be time you need to arrange the hot coals, how are you going to do that. The going to put on the Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Gloves: Premium Insulated & Silicone Lined Aramid Fiber Mitts. These will be one of the must accessories you have to purchase!

Traeger wood pellet grills smokers

When I first started barbecuing it was on a Weber Kettle grill. The thing I hate most was starting the charcoal. Went through the time of using lighter fluid and burning my eyebrows off. Also, hated hearing everyone complaining about the taste and smell of the lighter fluid. You can avoid all of this by using a Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter. All you have to do with this is stuff some paper in the bottom of it and pile the charcoal on top filling the chamber. Then merely light the paper, the charcoal will burn and when they turn amber and white then you know it is ready to pour the charcoal into the grill and start cooking. This is not a new accessory, it is a must-have if the using charcoal. If only I had one of those 35 years ago, the heartaches it would have saved me.

char broil barbecue accessories

Some Useful The thing To Have

Our family and friend favorites are chicken and beef kabobs. Or, spicy shrimp on a skewer. You can do this by using bamboo skewers, which I usually soak in water to slow down the burning. Or you can use Grillaholics Skewers, their reusable metal, unlike bamboo. They come in a set of 8.

weber barbecue accessoriesbarbecue tools grill accessories






One thing my family and friend look forward to me smoking is a Boston But, they all love pulled pork. The best way to shred it up is by using Bear Claws – Superior Grey BBQ forks-Meat shredders. Using these puts the pulled pork faster, then I know it is ready any other way I have used in the past.

Traeger Grill accessories

The next big thing my gang like is barbecued chicken legs and thighs. When you have a big crowd to feed, they take up a lot of space on the grill. So to conserve space best to use Sorbus Chicken Leg Grill Rack 12 Slot – Multi-Purpose for Chicken Legs or Wings. You can fit 12 chicken legs on one and on another 12 wings. Leaving space on the grill for some breasts or thighs.

Barbecue grill accessories

With the same idea as the chicken leg rack, the Sorbus Non-Stick Rib Rack – Porcelain Coated Steel Roasting Stand – Holds 4 Rib Racks. And their still room on the grill for some potato bombers.

bbq smokers and grills

Can not talk about barbecue grill accessories with our mentioning #1 BEST Vegetable Grill Basket – BBQ Accessories for Grilling Veggies, Fish, Meat, Kabob, or Pizza – Use as Wok, Pan, or Smoker – Quality Stainless Steel – Camping Cookware – Charcoal or Gas Grills OK. This stainless steel grill basket is a life saver when cooking anything that could fall through the cooking grate. We love to grill and smoke veggies, cover them with little Olive oil and salt and watch them disappear when you serve them. If you want to cook up some clams, it will hold them nicely, and you can watch them open and then I know it is ready to spray some garlic butter on them and serve. There are many possibilities to using this pan.

BBq smoker grillsbarbecue tools grill accessories






Party Is Over Time To Clean The Grill Yuk !!

Where lucky with to days grill grates have come a long way and are much easier to clean. Here you will get some use out of the Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Gloves because you will find it is easier to clean the grates when they are still hot. An excellent tool for cleaning them is an Alpha Grillers 18″ Grill Brush. The Best BBQ Cleaner. Safe For All Grills. Durable & Effective. Stainless Steel Wire Bristles And Stiff Handle.

Pellet smoker reviewsCharcoal smoker reviews







When Grilling With The Right BBQ Grilling Accessories

Makes every barbecue a bit easier. Help you with cooking the perfect meals and gives you more time to be with the family and friends. Having the correct BBQ grilling accessories, makes you look like a real pitmaster. So enjoy this season of BBQ Smokers And Grills in the backyard Barbecuing.

As always hope we were helpful and that you enjoyed this post. Look forward to hearing from you when you share the comments. Also, if there is anything you like us to cover or any questions, please let us know by leaving it in the comment area below.

Thank you
















memorial day weekend history

Memorial Day Weekend History

Memorial Day is a holiday close to the hearts of Americans, showing our appreciation to the women and men who sacrificed their lives while serving in the U.S. military. It was originally called Decoration Day started shortly after the Civil War, becoming an official holiday in 1971. It is not really clear where we first started to celebrate Memorial Day, there are many communities that have records of initiating the memorial gatherings. But, in 1966 the federal government declared Waterloo, New York, the official birthplace of Memorial Day.
Many of us observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries, participating in parades and having family Barbecues.


Memorial Day BBQ Menu Ideas

Memorial is also considered the unofficial start of summer. One of the best ways Americans celebrate Memorial day is by having a barbecue with family and friends. So what to have at this barbecue, the popular items are hot dogs and hamburgers, corn on the cob and fresh salads. Those are great choices but we’re going to go big and have a slow smoked brisket (beef brisket to be exact). And, along with that some appetizers Memorial Day BBQ style and a couple of side dishes, so let’s get going.  The best way to smoke brisket is slow and long at about 225 degrees.  First, you have to buy the beef brisket, so let go over the five things to consider when purchasing your brisket.

Quality – All meat is inspected by USDA and they grade the meat based on the age of the animal and the degree of marbling in the meat. You have three choices when picking your brisket, prime – choice – select cuts. These are the categories that USDA assign to all cuts of meat. Prime brisket will be the pricey cut, which has the most marbling throughout the brisket. Then the choice cut has little less marbling. The select cut has the least marbling and is what you find in most of your grocery stores. Prime and Choice you will find in a butcher shop or in places like Sam’s and Costco’s. I prefer the prime cut it is worth every penny. If you can afford it, prime or choice is best when you want a succulent beef brisket for your family and friends on Memorial Day barbecues.

Weight Factor In Choosing Your Brisket – To me, there are two important things to factor in : (1) the fat and collagen to muscle ratio; and (2) the number of people you’ll be feeding. Because you’re going to be smoking slow and long, there will be losing weight as the fat starts to render away, which helps with flavor and tenderizes the meat. You have to figure you’re going to yield 60 % of the original weight of the brisket. So I follow the guideline of a pound of meat per person you’re planning to serve.

Flexibility Of The Brisket A brisket is a meat that you have to be careful when cooking, so you should be looking at a few things when making your selection. As we said above not too fatty, yet a good ratio of marbling. Another thing to look for when choosing your brisket is that when held in middle both ends flex down. If it is stiff it means there is too much hard fat and collagen which would not render away during cooking.

Select A Whole, Untrimmed Cut – There are butchers that offer Flat or point cut of brisket. I have to tell you that the best way to go is the whole – untrimmed cut, yes it is a big piece of meat. Whether you are a pitmaster or a novice it will be well worth it with the end results of a delicious succulent brisket. My family always looks forward to leftovers the next day, so it never goes to wast.

Make Sure The Flat Section Has An Even Thickness – This is important for the piece you choose to have an even thickness to ensure an even cooking of the brisket. If the edges are to thin they will become overcooked.

best way smoke brisket

LIVE at Traeger HQ with Matt Pittman || Meat Church BBQ

We are LIVE at Traeger HQ with Matt Pittman from @MeatChurchBBQ. Join our discussion about trimming and injecting brisket, and talking about brisket's close cousin, Corned Beef & Cabbage. Follow @TraegerBBQ on Instagram from more behind the scenes from Matt’s visit to Traeger HQ.

Posted by Traeger Grills on Wednesday, March 8, 2017



Now your half-way to having a perfect brisket. Take your brisket and trim excess fat, best to be about a quarter inch thick ( If you buy it at a butcher he will trim it so it is ready to be smoked). When you get it home dry it off with paper towels and let sit in the refrigerator for at least 4 to 6 hours. You want it to be dry to the touch all the way around, this will ensure that when you apply your rub it will create a perfect crust on your brisket.

There are many rubs you can make from scratch. I for a brisket like to first spread a thin layer of spicy mustard ( I use Gulden’s mustard), then a layer of Kosher salt. Then I use a Coffee Rub made by Traeger, putting a nice thick coating on. Then let it sit for about three hours to let the brisket to reach room temperature, this helps the meat to cook evenly. Oh if you like to go Texas-style brisket you can still base the meat with mustard, then good layer of kosher salt and coerce pepper.

memorial day bbq menu ideas

Forgot to say this brisket is about 12 pounds after it is trimmed. So I am going to use a combination of hickory, oak, and little cherry pellets gives the end result a great flavor. Fire up the smoker to 225 F., this brisket will cook for a good 8-10 hours or longer. You want the internal temperature to reach 190 F for maximum tenderness. Do not rush this it could take 10 hours, try not to open the smoker too much. I use a temperature probe to monitor the internal temperature of the meat as it cooks, which help to not keep opening the smoker. All meat will come to a “stalling time” where you will see the internal temperature will stay at around 145 10 165 degrees and you will think there is something wrong. Be patient this is normal. DO NOT OPEN THE SMOKER TO CHECK!! I like to make a wet mop of two cups of beef broth,1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, mix it and put in a spray bottle. Then every hour apply it to the meat. Another trick I do is I place an aluminum bowl with some apple juice in it and place in the drip pan under the grill grate, both of these things help keep the meat moist and tasty.

In the original post, I left out the placing of your brisket on the grill. You always want to put the fatty side down and meaty side up. Yes, I did say that the fat will add taste and help tenderize the meat. But, I was talking about the marbling of fat that runs through the meat. The fatty layer that you trim to about a 1/4 inch in thickness, if you put it facing up would wash away your seasoning.

When the internal temperature hits the 165F, take the brisket off and wrap it in two layers of aluminum foil. Then, place it back on the smoker until the internal temperature hits 204 f.  Even then I use a handheld prob and prob the meat with it, if there is resistance then the meat is not ready, so let it cook another ten minutes until prob goes in with no resistance. Once it is ready to take it off leave it wrapped and let it rest to allow all the juices to evenly return to the meat ( let it rest for 1 hour).

memorial day barbeques

While Brisket Rests Time For the Appetizers And Side Dishes

I love to cook on my smoker, so when the brisket is resting, wast no time and start making your appetizers and side dishes.

Everyone like the munchies we put out dips and chips and veggies, but their always waiting to see what I am smoking up for them. This Memorial Day it will be Spicy Shrimp on skewers. First I use wood skewers so I let them soak in water for about hour, so they do not burn.

appetizers memorial day bbq

Okay so what are we going to need :

  • 2 lbs. of med. Size shrimp – please deveined and remove the shell, of course, leave the tails
  • 6 oz. Thai Chilies – we get them at Trader Joe’s
  • 6 Cloves Garlic
  • 2 TBSP Chicken Rub – I am a Traeger person so I use their rubs
  • 11/2 TSP Sugar
  • 3 TBSP Olive Oil

Now put those great looking shrimp to the side. Take the ingredients put in a blender and hit the pulse button few times. You look for it to be a bit more than chopped, kinda like pasty. Place that delicious mixture of chili and garlic in a bowl with the shrimp mix it all up and cover it and put in the refrigerator. I do this the night before, but you can get away with an hour.

Now start the smoker set it for 450 degrees let it heat up for 8 minutes. Take shrimp out and thread them onto the skewers, about 5 to 6 per skewer. Now place them on the grill shut lid and let them cook 2-3 minutes on each side until the shrimp are nice pink color. Now serve and watch the smiles and listen for ” Wow they are so delicious !”.

memorial day bbq menu ideas

Of course, you’re going to have all the salads for usual sides for a BBQ. I have to have something off the smoker, or it wouldn’t be a real Chris BBQ. This is a good one but very easy. Depending on how many wonderful people you have use as many tomatoes that you think you will need. Cut them in half, brush them with olive oil and sprinkle them with kosher salt. Have the smoker at about 180 to 200 for some really good smoke and heat, place the tomatoes cut side facing down. Close the lid and let them cook for 45 minutes. You want the skin of the tomatoes to be easy to peel off.

Ring The Bell It Is time To Eat !!!!!

The meat has been resting for about two hours. So carefully remove the foil. It is time to slice the brisket and take the tomatoes off the grill. At this point at our house, everyone is sitting at the table ready to eat. So serve your guest and enjoy your Memorial Day barbecue.

Memorial Day Barbecues

Memorial Day is a day to appreciate the women and men that gave their lives to serve and protect us a no better way to celebrate than a parade in their honor and barbecue with family and friend.

Like always hope you found this informative and give you a way to enjoy your next family barbecue. For other ideas of what to serve click here.

Thank you



Comments or questions are always appreciated.







camp chef smokepro dlx pellet grill                                                                                             PRODUCT: CAMP CHEF SMOKEPRO DLX PG24

PELLET SMOKER                                                                                          




Let’s Find Out A Little About Camp Chef

Camp Chef has been a leader in outside cooking for camping for the past 20 years. They made it their mission to be come the best manufacture of outdoor cooking equipment. Camper and backpackers soon agreed that their product was superior, so the archived their goal of being the best.

About ten years ago they set out with the same goal for the backyard BBQ and started to develop a Wood pellet smokers. Today they are one of the top manufacturers of Pellet Smokers and introduced CAMP CHEF SMOKE PRO DLX PG24 PELLET SMOKER. We feel this is one of the best values in pellet smokers today.

Features That Make Smoke Pro DLX PG 24 Best Value

This pellet smoker not be the biggest, but is pack big punch with some great features, not seen in its competitor’s models

ADVANCED DIGITAL CONTROL- This allows you to set the temperature and the pellet auger delivers the correct amount of pellets to maintain the temperature. So there is no need to babysit it, allowing you to watch the game with your friends.
VERSATILITY – With this smoker, you are going to be able to Grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and barbecue with premium wood-pellets with the flavor of different flavors on a single grill.
Exclusive Ash Clean Out – This is a patent pending feature. With this smoker, you will not have to pull out a shop vac to clean out the ash. It not only need to clean out the ash for appearance, but too much ash will affect the burning of the pellets and the smoke.

Grilling Area – 429 sq. inches main grilling area and 141 sq. inches with the warming rack.

Hooper Capacity – 18 LBS give you the cooking time of propane tank on a gas grill and maybe longer.

Internal Temperature Sensor – lets you know the temperature in the cooking chamber within 15 degrees
Meat Probe – Lets you monitor the internal temperature of you’re meat allowing you to cook the meat to perfection every time.

Grease Management System – This system collects the grease, so you have easy cleanup and no flare-ups.
Cooking Temperature – 160 – 500 degrees.


Well on Amazon they had 256 positive reviews and 45 critical reviews. I think that is outstanding. Most people were very happy with their purchase. Reason for that was the quality of the smoker and more over the features that it has that other smokers in its class are lacking. Now the negative things I found was units came damaged ( that is usually the fault of the transport company ). Also, that it was lightweight construction and has problems with the lids. I went and looked at one and could not agree with the comment of lightweight construction, though it is well-made comparing to Traeger. I myself have the small Traeger smoker very happy with it, wish I had bought a bigger unite. So I went and looked at one and was surprised at how well-built it was. Its features I found to be impressive. In doing reviews on smokers or anything you are never going to find everyone happy with a product. The fact that the positive reviews outweighs the critical reviews say volumes for the CAMP CHEF SMOKERPRO DLX PELLET GRILL / PG24.

Time To Have A Backyard BBQ On Your New Camp Chef Smoker

This pellet smoker is packed with many great features that are not found in this category of smokers. Now is the time to purchase the smoker for your summer backyard get together. Click here to order your Camp Chef Smoker Pro-DLX pellet grill – PG 24.

Hope you found this review helpful. Please leave your comments or question below. Thank you for taking the time to visiting Smokeypelletsbychris.com.





Traeger Texas Elite Review/ Elite 34 Pellets

PRODUCT: Traeger Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker Traeger Texas Elite Review



WARRANTY: 3 years


Traeger Texas Elite Review




Let’s Take look At The Traeger Company

Our goal in this Traeger Texas Elite Review is to give you enough information about it, so you can make an intelligent decision to buy this unit two years ago I was where are today trying to decide what type of Smoker to buy. I almost bought an electric smoker. But decided that smoker grill was what I wanted. Even though the charcoal smokers give you the grilling experience, I knew myself good enough to know the learning curve for charcoal was not for me. I wanted something easy like the electric smoker, but with grilling. So the choice for me was easy the pellet smoker fit my needs. Now which brand, I will tell you how I choose Traeger.

Okay, a little history on Wood pellets. In 1970 we were going through a heating crisis. That is when pellet stoves for heat with wood pellets began. Joe Traeger and his partner developed a stove using wood pellets., which they became one of the largest companies in the heating stove industry. The pellets were stored in a Hooper box attached to the stove. Joe Traeger invented a pellet delivery system utilizing an Auger.

Traeger Texas Elite Review
Joe Traeger in 1985 invented the first pellet grill, using his Hooper auger pellet delivery system, for barbecuing and patented it in 1986. Traeger was the only Pellet Smoker Grill for twenty years. The patent ran out in 2006, which is when the completion started to copy it. Pellet grills exploded into the market.

Now the pellets are used are food quality. What is great about pellets it is not only the fuel source, but they come in different wood types delivering uniquely different flavors to your meats.

To this day they make a high-quality Pellet Smoker Grill.

Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Smoker Grill

I purchased my Traeger smoker because it is built to last. Everything about it is made with the finest quality materials. When I did my research for Traeger Texas Elite Review, most of what found were positive comments. Yes, there were negative comments to ( on Amazon), but each one was followed by Traeger urging them to contact them with the promise to solve the problem. I can tell you this be true. After buying my Junior Elite Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker the knob for the temperature control kept coming loose. I called customer service, he said ” Sorry I do not have the knob in stock”. I said to myself ” oh boy here it goes, going to get the runaround.”. He then said ” I do have a new temperature control with the knob attached. I will send you that so you do not have to wait for just a knob. Do not want you to miss using your new smoker and you have a 3-year warranty. It will be to you in three days.”. That blew me away and I knew I choose the right company. The only thing I retreat is I should have bought the Elite 34 because since buying my Junior my family and friend ask me when is my next BBQ going to be.

The first thing you will find out about the Texas Elite 34 pellet grill it is multi-functional offering 6-in-1 to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ food to juicy perfection. That is done by its Integrated Digital Elite Controller keeps temps within +/- 20 degrees F, so set the temperature and forget it. Giving you more time to entertain your family and friends.
Traeger Texas Elite ReviewTraeger Texas Elite Review
Traeger is all about quality. So much, as they make their own pellets. They are 100 % hardwood cooking quality pellets, made in the USA. They come in Maple, Hickory, Adler, Pecan, Apple, Cherry, Mesquite, Oak and a Signature blend.(Blend of hickory, maple, and cherry hardwoods). Each bag is 20 LBS, giving you the same time as a propane tank of fuel.


Traeger Texas Elite Review

Traeger Texas Elite Review
The Elite 34 gives you 646 sq. inches of grilling space. That’s room for 8 chickens or 5 racks of ribs or 30 burgers (not at the same time LOL) Comes on 2-inch legs with lock-in caster wheels.

Traeger Texas Elite Review

Number One In Pellet Smokers

Well, that is my opinion of Traeger Company and why I did the Traeger Texas Elite Review/ Smoker Grill Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellets!! Of course, as always I welcome your opinions and comments and if you have any questions please leave them in the comment link below.

Hope you find this helpful, Please follow the links in this review to purchase your smoker today. You will find in the links a more in-depth review of different types of smokers available to you. Order today so you can be smoking that brisket next week for your family and friends enjoy.








Z Pellet Smoker 700 Review – FREE Cover

PRODUCT: Z Pellet Smoker 700 Z Pellet Smoker Review

PRICE: $549.99 & Free Shipping

GRILLING AREA: Main 513 Warming 187

Warranties: 3 Yr. Manufacture, 30 days money back if any quality issue


Z Pellet Smoker Overview

This is a great Smoker Grill for your family and friends get together. You will be able to cook for a few or a big BBQ bash on this smoker. It is great for grilling, smoking, bracing and baking!

Grilling Area

The main grilling area is 513 Sq. inches, so there is plenty of space for burgers and franks, ribs and large brisket. Also, includes a warming rack with another 187 Sq. inches of space.

Z Smoker 700 Sq. In review

Set It And Forget It!!!!

The Z Smoker 700 has a cooking control system that you to set the desired cooking temperature and allows you to forget it so you can entertain your guest. There is a minimal amount of time that you need to babysit your smoker, due to the Automatic Electric Feed System.

Z Smoker grill review

Set It And Forget It

This unit comes with a “Smart Digital control with LED read-out” so you can set the temperature and forget it. With the Automatic Electric Feed System that delivers the correct amount of wood pellets to maintain the temperature you set. So you can spend more time with your family and friends. The Smart Digital control is attached to the pellet Hooper ( 20 lbs. capacity of wood pellets, this gives you about same cooking time as a tank of gas on a gas smoker).

Review of Pellet Smokers



Time To BBQ

As well. This unit comes with a Weather cover for free ( value of $69.99) which is limited offer click here to take advantage of this offer.

* Set It And Forget It The auger delivers the pellets to the fire pit where they are ignited. Which creates the heat and smoke in the cooking chamber. The heat and smoke are moved around the chamber creating a convection effect. This cause it to evenly cook and infuse the great smokey flavor of the wood pellets, giving you that great BBQ flavor every time.

* Shut Down Cycle So when your done cooking that perfect brisket, just turn the control to shut down and it leaves the draft induction fan running for 5 minutes to burn any excess pellets in the fire pot and then shut off automatically.

I hope this review of the Z Pellet Smoker 700 was informative and useful for you to purchase this fine Pellet Smoker !!

So are you ready to BBQ on a great Pellet Smoker?

Please if you have any question or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you soon.








Spend Quality Time With Family – BBQ Bring The Family Together

For too many years I allowed the need to support my family to interfere with quality time with my family. Now with my new hobby of BBQ, refining that to Smoking and Grilling. I have found a way that was always there to share time with my family. Many of you may share this feeling of loss and it is my hope through sharing my interest in Smoking and grilling, you will find more time to spend with your families. So you will see an old fashion way to create memorable memories while spending quality time with your families.

ways spend quality time your family
Need The Right Smoker/Grill
There are a few types of smokers out there to chose from.

  • Charcoal Smoker ( which there are many variations )
  • Pellet Smoker
  • Electric Smoker
  • Gas Smoker

I myself was ready to purchase an electric smoker, then the Pellet smoker caught my eye and that is what I bought. Found it to give the feeling of charcoal, yet the pellets gave easier control over the heat and smoke.
What exactly is a smoker? It is a piece of outdoor cooking equipment that is supposed to cook at low temperatures for long period of time. Using smoke of different types of wood, to infuse different flavors into what you’re cooking on it.


Things To Think About Before Buying Your Smoker

You do not want to buy too small or too big of a smoker. I purchased a small pellet smoker, thinking it was just for my wife and I. Forgetting the family and friends. Once you have one, your quality time with your family will increase. So if you feel you are for the most part going to cook for four people or you know many times it will be a gang of 20 or you want to cook many things at once, ribs, brisket, and some appetizers. These are things you have to know before picking out the size of your smoker,

Next thing to consider is fuel type.

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Charcoal
  • Wood
  • Pellets

All of these will achieve your ultimate goal of smoking. You have to take into factor leaning curves. Charcoal is great but you have to learn, how to control the heat and smoke. Same with Wood smokers. Electric, gas and pellet smokers are easier to use. Also, think about where you live, you do not want to buy a charcoal, gas, wood smoker and find out that your Condo bylaws say you can not use them. Their electric might be the best choice.

You know yourself if you want to, most of the time making something quick, then gas or electric may be best for you. If you’re like me and your into the whole experience of smoking from choosing the right piece of meat and the seasoning. Taking time to cook it correctly than charcoal, wood or pellets is the way to go. My wife thinks I am crazy. But the family and friend sure do enjoy my slow- cooked St. Louis Ribs that take seven hours to smoke.

Also, think about if you only want to smoke or do some grilling. On most of the smokers, you can not do both, you tend to lose searing of the meat. But there is a way around that if you have an iron pan.

The other thing that most of us have to consider is ” How much can you spend on a smoker? ” When it comes to BBQ with the family, quality comes first, then price. You can spend from $100 to $10,000 on a smoker.

Pro’s and Con”s On Few Different Types Of Smokers

Let’s review a few different types of smokers.

quality time your family

  1. Electric Smoker They are truly the best to start the smoking process and forget it. It requires the least amount of babysitting. The unites work with a heating element that heats the cooking chamber and maintains the temperature. There is a draw under unite where you place wood chips and the smoker heats them enough to cause them to smolder, hence creating smoke. On many of the electric smokers, there is another draw where you fill with water or juices to keep the cooking chamber moister and add flavor. Some higher priced units have thermostats to control the temperature. They may also have probes to insert into the meat to give you the internal temperature of the meat, for cooking it to your desired taste. The Pros are you do not have to worry about fuel (gas, pellets, wood, Charcoal). Unit comes in different sizes, but do not take up a big footprint. They are great for apartments and condos. They are safer than other smokers in places like a boat. Cons are they only be used for smoking. They tend to leak heat, so even with a thermometer, the heat tends to not be as consistent. They must be stored in dry place.how to spend quality time with your child
  2. Horizontal Offset Smoker (Off Set Smoker) – This is the first smoker I ever saw, it was at a pit master BBQ competition. The offset smokers where started by people that made them their self, using metal drums and old propane tanks. These type of smokers use charcoal for heat and wood logs or chunks of wood for the smoke. You will find two types of Offsets “Cheap ones” find at your local hardware store or chain Home and Garden store. Problem with these is they cost $100-$300 and prove to be very disappointing. The more expensive ones are made of heavier steel, have better seals. They will deliver better heat and smoke. Negative thing with Offsets there is a learning curve. And because they produce very good smoke, if you do not know how to control the smoke the meat can come out bitter.quality time your family
  3. Gas/Propane These smokers look like the Electric smoker, just using gas to heat and create smoke. There is no thermostat, but controlling the heat is as easy to turn the knob on a gas stove. Very similar to electric smoker comes in different sizes. Do not need big space. Very simple to use. On the other side, you can only smoke, no grilling. You should always have an extra tank of propane, do not want to run out of propane in the middle of smoking a brisket for your hungry family. They’re not typically made very well, the seals tend not to be good, which means loss of heat and smoke.
  4. spend quality time with the family

4. Pellet Smoker – These smokers look like the Off Set Smoker. But instead of charcoal and wood, they use electric and smoker quality pellets. Very interesting how they work. First, you fill the hopper with the pellets, which come in many types of wood ( hickory, maple, pecan, oak to name a few). The pellets are transported from the Hooper via an auger to the fire box, where the pellets are ignited by fire pin that is heated by electric. The heat is controlled by a thermometer with temperature controller inside the cooking chamber, which in turn controls the speed of the auger delivering the pellets. Pellet smokers start at about $500 – $9,000. They really only for smoking. I have found out that by taking an iron pan, turning Pellet smoker up to 450 F, letting the iron pan heat up for ten minutes, you can sear a steak to perfection. Need to protect the Hooper if you have pellets in it when not in use, pellets can get wet. I cover my unite and have not had a problem. After 2 or 3 uses I use a shop vac to clean out the ash the from the pellets to ensure proper firing of the pellets. The pellet smoker is my personal choice, They tend to cook faster because they have a fan that circulates the heated air and smoke, creating a convection type of cooking. I have found that if recipe says on smoker the meat will cook for a certain amount of time, on pellet smoker it will cook faster. ways spend quality time your family


A Little Off Topic – Spend Quality Time With The Family

Sorry about that let me tell you how all of this can create quality time with your family and this is the main reason I have created this blog.

My personal feeling is with everyone so involved with the many things we are all involved with, we are losing the time with the people that really matter, our families. Even if you can get them all to sit down to eat together, there always taking out their beloved smartphones, say it is important to have to get this. When in, a fact it can wait. They take care of those phones as if their priceless.

This is where having a meal that is from a smoker or grill is perfect. Serve a brisket or a rack of ribs. I promise you they will not answer their cell or respond to that text. Because their hands will be too sticky to touch their precious phone. Which allows you to spend quality time with the family!!bbq with family


What To Grill As Side Dish And Flavor It With Little Smoke

When I am doing my favorite thing cooking on my Pellet Smoker for my family and friends. I like to make something different as a side dish or desert on the smoker, because smoke will give things you never considered putting on a grill a whole other flavor.

Smoke And The Wood Used To Create It !

There are so many types of wood to use for smoking that creates a whole different taste to the things you are grilling on the smoker. It will really add a real twist for the meal that you are preparing for people you love. Here I will touch on only a few because there are too many to review here today.

Alder wood is seen in Northwest, it adds a sweet musky flavor, not overpowering. Goes great with small game birds, poultry, beef, and fish. Can also work well with fruits.

Applewood a bit denser sweet, fruity flavor smoke. This complements beef, poultry and pork ( really good with ham), use it is one of the strongest flavorings of the fruit trees.

Cherry wood gives a hint of sweetness. Great with poultry, will give a turkey a rose tint real nice. Also, great with veggies and fruits.

Hickory wood gives a sweet strong flavor used when smoking bacon. Will work great with beef, pork ribs, ham, and poultry. If using best to soak in water for hour lessons chance of bitter taste.

There are so many other woods to use when smoking, we will talk about them at a later time.

When using chips or chunks of wood many people feel best to soak them in water to enhance the smoke. I tend to have a problem with this because it takes a long time for wood to get really soaked. It is common belief to soak the chips or chunks for an hour. My back round is water restoration, due to the density of wood, only a few millimeters of the wood surface will really retain water. But again I am not a Pitmaster, just a Dad likes to smoke and grill for family and friends and why I use a Pellet Smoker.

Let’s get into What to grill as a side dish.

Side Dishes That You May Not Of Thought To Smoke

Another key component in creating a good smoke is temperature, it best to keep it between 180f and 225f. Also, find having a perforated pan is a big help, here two that are good.What to grill as side dish

Grill on smoker

Something good to add to a summer salad. Take a nice Georgia Peaches cut them into halves and pit them. Now use a combination of Hickory and Applewood chips or pellets, bring the smoker up to 200F to 215. Place the peach halves cut side up for 15 – 20 minutes, flip them cut side down for 10 minutes. You will have heavenly sweet smokey peaches, slice them and mix it in with the salad. I have used a raspberry salad dressing delicious. If you have any left over put them on a dish of vanilla ice cream and drizzle warm caramel over it. Hmm, sinful!!

What to grill as side dish






Another thing to add to a salad. Take those tiny tomatoes Place them in one of the above pans and brush a little olive oil and sprinkle a little salt and garlic powder on those red jewels. Lite the smoker with apple and cherry wood chips or pellets and bring the temperature to 180F, Place the pan on grill and cook for five minutes. Add them to a Caesar salad.

When I am thinking of what to grill as a side dish this is one of my favorites. This is one that my daughter’s boyfriend made, it was a crowd pleaser. Bacon wrapped figs the First time made 24 but you should double that, ran out of them in 20 minutes. Okay, for 24 figs need 8 slices of hickory bacon and cut them into 1/4 pieces and wrap the figs use toothpicks to secure them ( soak toothpicks in water for an hour). Then is a bowl combine 1/2 cup soy sauce,2 tablespoons of dark brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a half teaspoon of smoked paprika. Whisk them until the brown sugar dissolves and them brush it over the wrapped figs. Turn of the smoker to 180F and use hickory chips and get it smoking, once have a good smoke place the Bacon wrapped Figs on the grill for ten minutes, then turn it up to 450F. When bacon is crisp take them off and serve.

What to grill as a side dish
This is another family pleaser, Take hard-boiled eggs peeled and leave them hole. Lightly coat with smokey paprika seasoning. Then use maple wood chips and fire up the smoker to 200F to 215 and get a good smoke going and then place the eggs on the grill for 15 to 20 minutes. Great for Cob salad or egg salad.

My Favorite Dessert (Well one of them)

What to grill as side dish-Peach and Raspberry crisp

This wonderful dish is called Peach and Raspberry Crisp
You will need

  • 6 cups diced peaches ( which I smoke like in prior passage Use about 5-6 peaches)
  • Juice of a fresh lemon
  • 2 cups of wash raspberries
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 3/4 cup flour divided use)
  • 3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 3 ounces shortbread sugar cookies, broken into pieces
  • 1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
  • 8 tablespoons of cold butter, cut into 1-inch pieces
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • vanilla ice cream for serving

Now grease a 10-inch pie pan with cooking spray. In a large mixing bowl, combine the peaches and the lemon juice. Add the raspberries, the granulated sugar,1/4 cup of the flour, and the cinnamon. Whisk to combine ingredients. Then pour into the pie pan.
In the bowl of a food processor, combine the cookies, brown sugar, butter, salt and the remaining 1/2 cup of flour. Pulse until the cookies are crumbly and the butter has been broken down into pea-sized bits. Spoon the topping evenly over the fruit in the pie pan.

Now set up the smoker with either Cherry or Applewood, could combine them. Set it for 350F.

Bake the crisp for about 45 minutes, the crisp filling should be bubbling around the edges and the topping is browned.

Call everyone to the table and serve it over vanilla ice cream and watch the smiles appear.

What To Grill As A Side Dish?

So we see that side dishes do not have to be boring. And they do not have to be just corn or string beans. Which I could have told you how to change corn and string beans into something different. You also see why the temperature is important in creating smoke. And that the taste that smoke gives the food changes with the different type of woods you can use. We found out our smoker grills are not just for meats. So let the imagination go and try different things to change the next family BBQ into a memorable experience.

As always thank you for visiting Smokeypelletsbychris. I encourage you to please leave comment or suggestions.







Perfectly Grilled Steak

tips for perfectly grilled steaksIt is my belief like many other steak lovers that a Perfectly Grilled Steak is rare to medium rare. If someone asks for steak well done, give them chicken. I have another trick if you do not want to be rude, which will be disclosed later in this article.

Where To Purchase Your Steak And Grades Of Beef

Now if you are not really a steak lover like myself, you can go to you local Grocery store and purchase an okay steak. Grocery store steaks are not usually the best quality meat, they are usually USDA Select

So you have many choices to find quality meat, but here we are going to talk about two. One is you local Butcher, a good butcher will be very friendly and happy to explain to you about the different types of steaks, to help you find what you should be looking for. They tend to carry USDA Prime or USDA Choice and Aged Prime or Choice. These cuts are expensive to very expensive. But worth of every Penney if you are true steak lover looking for perfect steak to serve your family and friends.

Second place that you can purchase very good steak is at Costco. They carry both USDA Prime or USDA Choice. The difference is that you lose the care of you local butcher. But gain great meat at a considerable savings. This Christmas we purchased our prime rib their. It was out of this world. This is how it looked before cooking it.

Below is a description of the different grades of meat.

How To Prepare Your Steak To Be Come The Perfectly Grilled Steak

Fist of all you must remove it from the package and pat it dry. Place it in the refrigerator overnight. You do both of these steps to insure the best char on your steak. Some people think you should season it at this time too. I prefer to season it after the 24 hours in the refrigerator. Either way before grilling it you need to leave it out on the counter for 4 hours to get to room temperature, to insure an even cook of the whole steak. You will find many ways people say to season s steak. I prefer to coat it with butter a good coat of salt ( do not skip on the salt) and garlic and onion powder. Then let it sit for an hour. Then I fire up my smoker to 450 degrees and Place my cast iron pan in it for 10 to 15 minutes. Place the steak in pan for 3-4 minutes to sear it and flip it to sear the other side. This helps to start to create the crust you want and lock in the juices and flavor of the meat. Then turn down the heat to 350 degrees.

Meat Thermometers Very Important

They say a real good Pitmaster can judge the steak by pushing down on it to see if it is rare, medium rare or well done. Well I am not a Pitmaster or a well-trained Chef in restaurant. I am a weekend Dad that like to grill on my smoker in my back yard for my family and friends. And can’t afford to mess up a USDA Prime steak that I paid 12 dollars a pound for at Costco. My wife would kill me.

So I use a meat thermometer their are two types, their purpose is to give you the internal temperature of the meat to archive you desired cooking of the meat, rare, medium rare and well done see chart below:

First type you insert a prob into the meat and on a remote device that you can carry while entertaining your family and friends. It can be set to tell you when it has reach you desired way you like it cooked. For me that is rare!! I prefer this type because you do not have to keep puncturing the meat, which I feel lets out the juices of the steak.

The second meat thermometer is the Instant thermometer, which give you the internal temperature each time you insert it into the meat.

What To Do After You Have A Perfectly Grilled Steak ?

Okay you want your steak to be rare or any other desired result, I suggest removing it from the smoker or grill at about 10 to 15 degree shy of the targeted temperature because it will keep cooking and will reach the targeted temperature as it rests for about 5 minutes, before carving it. This also allows the steak to retain the juices and flavor We are looking for the Perfectly Grilled Steak correct? While the steak resting, is good time to open a good bottle of Burgundy wine and let it breathe, That’s my preference, not a must.

If you want to do something different with a baked potato. You will have to start this about hour and a half before starting your steak. Take an apple corer going the length of the potato core out one or two holes. Keep the ends of the cored out potato. Then stuff the potato with some cook broccoli, bacon, shredded cheese and butter. Place the plug end of the potato back in on both ends of the potato and you can take some slightly cooked strips bacon and wrap it around the potato, then wrap them in aluminum foil. Bake them for 1 hour 15 minutes at 350 degrees .

After the steak has rested, carve it against the grain. It’s not just the cut of meat that determines how tender it is, it’s also how you cut the meat. First, find the direction of the grain (which way the muscle fibers are aligned), then slice across the grain rather than parallel with it.Perfectly grilled steak

What Have We Learned About The Perfectly Grilled Steak?

First we found out where to go to purchase you steak. And that their are difference in a great to poor quality steak, which is defined by USDA grade of the steak, best being Prime USDA to okay Select USDA. Then the importance of how you prepare the steak you chose.

The importance of watching the internal temperature was brought to light, so you grill it to you desired level of cook (rare, Med. Rare). At the beginning of this article I made my feeling known about someone that wants their steak well done. I cringe at that specially if the steak that I am serving is prime USDA, that I spent a bit of money on.

So I will have a Select USDA or grocery cut of steak on hand for those special people that like it well done. And if you prepare it as follows it will taste almost as good as prime cut.

Place you (cheap) steak on a baking sheet or in a pan and coat its entire top surface with salt. Yes, you heard that right—bury the entire slab of meat in salt. Make sure you’re using a coarse grain, such as coarse sea salt or kosher salt. Table salt cannot be substituted; due to its fine grain size, it dissolves and is absorbed too quickly into the meat and over-salts the steak.

Now it’s time to let the meat marinate. Leave the salted steak untouched and at room temperature, basing the length of you marinade on the thickness of you cut. Each inch in thickness equates to one hour of letting it sit: if you steak is two inches thick, you’ll want it to marinate for two hours, and so on.

When time is up, rinse you steak very thoroughly, washing off all the visible salt on the surface. As the salt sloughs off, you should see and feel tenderness in the meat. Additionally, the color of the meat will be slightly darker than before—very similar to an aged cut.

After rinsing, pat you steak dry with paper towels. Don’t skip this step: if the surface of the steak isn’t dry, you’ll be steaming you meat instead of heating the steak surface directly.
Lastly, grill or cook you steak to the doneness you desire—of course, skip the salting step you would normally incorporate in you cooking method. The resulting steak will be tender, flavorful, and oh-so-juicy.
As always hope this was informative, please leave me you comment below.