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There are many choices on where to buy quality meats today. If the only thing you care about when purchasing meats is a low price and you always cook it well done, then you should buy it at the local Grocery store. Unfortunately, this is the worst place to buy meat ( This is just an opinion of a real meat lover LOL). Back to quality choices, Costco is a much better avenue to purchasing your next rack of ribs, but only if you have a big family because they only sell three racks at a time. You need to have a huge family or a big freezer to buy quality meat theirs. An educated buyer will realize that their prices are not always the lowest. And at the grocery store or Costco try to find someone that will give you the individual attention you deserve.

By far this is why a local butcher shop is by far the BEST PLACE TO BUY quality meat hands down. I live in Suffolk County Long Island NY. Where you will find many good butchers to buy meat, but I feel Farmingdale Meat Market gives you the best value.

Farmingdale Meat Market

charcoal grills smokers                                                                                                                 Kent Seelig on the left and his dad Julius Seelig on the right.

They started as a small neighborhood family-owned butcher shop by Julius Seelig. He had just left Swift & Co., who had supplied meat to all the allied forces during WWII. Now it is a Third Generation local butcher shop that has diversified into Main Street Wholesale Meats and still holds on to its root community butcher shop.

Why You Can Benefit From There Success



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                                                                                                               Lee Seelig inspecting meat in one of their aging coolers.

Main Street Wholesale is one of the largest family-owned federal inspected meat facilities serving Long Island and the Tri-State area. They have a USDA inspector on site every day. Why is this important to you when purchasing quality meat for your family? First of all, the feeling you get when you enter their shop is of an old fashion butcher shop. The core value of “Customer always comes first and selling quality meats” is what Julius has instilled in his son Kent and now is being carried out by his grandson Lee Seelig. It is a very serene experience when picking out the meat you are serving your family when there is a family like the Seeligs serving you.

Because they are supplying some of the exclusive restaurants and steakhouses in the area with there prime meats (Prime in Huntington, Tellers in Islip as well as Mill Pond in Centerport and Gurney’s in Montauk), they can pass on real value to their retail customers. It is not only the reasonable prices but when they get to know you, they will remember the things you like and will say to you ‘ Hi Mrs. Capo we have our special blend of chop meat you like on sale.’ That old fashion personal recognition is lost today with everyone is such a hurry, it is a breath of fresh air that Lee and his family keep this going today at Farmingdale Meat Market. They are keeping up with the time, you can get on their email list, and they will notify you of their current sales.

I know people as far as New Suffolk that will go there to purchase their meats. They are well worth making a trip to their shop located at 210 Main Street Farmingdale, NY 11735 ( plenty of parking in the rear of the building). Lee is there on most days; if you run into him, he still loves helping his customers the way his dad Kent and grandfather Julius did. His staff are fantastic and so knowledgeable and genuinely enjoy helping you with choosing the cut of quality meat you are looking for and if you ask to have it trimmed their happy to do it.

At Farmingdale Meat Market they have every cut of meat you could ever imagine. If you do not see it in the case, ask, and there is a high chance they will have it in the back and on the rare chance they do not have it they will gladly order it for you. They never fail to amaze me, I was there the other day to pick up roast beef, and as I was waiting, there was a sign that said ‘ Saratoga London Broil on sale $12.99’. Wow, This Sirloin London Broil is a cut that has to be experienced. The taste and tenderness of sirloin in the cut of a London Broil. Our family went crazy about it. As it cooked on the grill, it seemed to get bigger, because it just filled with the juices of the meat.

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The Saratoga London Broil before being grilled and on the Smoker grill. See it is filling with all the juices.

It was one of the best steaks ever ‘ Thanks Farmingdale Meat Market.’

From The Heart

I asked Lee Seelig what his local butcher shop meant to him.

“As the third generation proprietor of Farmingdale Meat Market, I am so thankful for the Farmingdale and greater Long Island community who has supported us for 70+ years. Without our customers, we are nothing. It’s so amazing for me to meet some of the old-timers who knew my grandfather Julius and also to meet their children and even their children’s children. It’s gratifying on a personal level, and we hope that our butchers on the counter convey a nice warm sense of hospitality to everyone who enters our store. We feel we can set ourselves apart by the personal one-on-one service we can offer and the knowledge of the meat that our butchers have. Not to mention the very high-quality product that we sell. We try to keep our retail prices very reasonable because the bulk of our business is now wholesale. So, that enables us to buy better than quality average retail store and also have a wider selection of meats than a “regular” butcher shop. We always say that even if you don’t see something in the case, we probably have it “in the back.’ Not many retail meat markets sell the number of items that we sell along with a selection of dry-aged product and a full line of beef, pork, veal, lamb, poultry, provisions, and game. And, if there is an item we don’t carry, we can almost always special order it for our customers. We have been here since 1946 and have no plans of going anywhere any time soon. We are a true family business and intend to stay that way.’


We hope you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment about this post and bring a copy of the post and quality comment and Lee has agreed to give you a 10% discount on first order. I thank you for taking the time to read this post, and as always if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment area below. ( sorry there is a bit of a gap to the comment area please scroll down)





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