Z Pellet Smoker 700 Review – FREE Cover

PRODUCT: Z Pellet Smoker 700 Z Pellet Smoker Review

PRICE: $549.99 & Free Shipping

GRILLING AREA: Main 513 Warming 187

Warranties: 3 Yr. Manufacture, 30 days money back if any quality issue


Z Pellet Smoker Overview

This is a great Smoker Grill for your family and friends get together. You will be able to cook for a few or a big BBQ bash on this smoker. It is great for grilling, smoking, bracing and baking!

Grilling Area

The main grilling area is 513 Sq. inches, so there is plenty of space for burgers and franks, ribs and large brisket. Also, includes a warming rack with another 187 Sq. inches of space.

Z Smoker 700 Sq. In review

Set It And Forget It!!!!

The Z Smoker 700 has a cooking control system that you to set the desired cooking temperature and allows you to forget it so you can entertain your guest. There is a minimal amount of time that you need to babysit your smoker, due to the Automatic Electric Feed System.

Z Smoker grill review

Set It And Forget It

This unit comes with a “Smart Digital control with LED read-out” so you can set the temperature and forget it. With the Automatic Electric Feed System that delivers the correct amount of wood pellets to maintain the temperature you set. So you can spend more time with your family and friends. The Smart Digital control is attached to the pellet Hooper ( 20 lbs. capacity of wood pellets, this gives you about same cooking time as a tank of gas on a gas smoker).

Review of Pellet Smokers



Time To BBQ

As well. This unit comes with a Weather cover for free ( value of $69.99) which is limited offer click here to take advantage of this offer.

* Set It And Forget It The auger delivers the pellets to the fire pit where they are ignited. Which creates the heat and smoke in the cooking chamber. The heat and smoke are moved around the chamber creating a convection effect. This cause it to evenly cook and infuse the great smokey flavor of the wood pellets, giving you that great BBQ flavor every time.

* Shut Down Cycle So when your done cooking that perfect brisket, just turn the control to shut down and it leaves the draft induction fan running for 5 minutes to burn any excess pellets in the fire pot and then shut off automatically.

I hope this review of the Z Pellet Smoker 700 was informative and useful for you to purchase this fine Pellet Smoker !!

So are you ready to BBQ on a great Pellet Smoker?

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